Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

If you are using approved Caterers or Marquee Contractors, Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall makes no direct charge to you but is paid commissions by those Approved Contractors who quote on their own terms and conditions and may show Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall' commission as a separate item on their invoice to you. Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall does not earn commission from any other contractors (e.g. photographers, florists, etc.).

If you wish or need, for any reason, to use an Alternative Contractor (a name not on the list in the Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall venue brochure) for Catering and/or Marquee this can be arranged provided that:

  • It is acceptable to the Venue Owner. The names, addresses and telephone numbers of the Alternative Contractors must be submitted to Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall in writing for approval by the Venue Owner before a booking can be accepted.
  • The bride or bride's agent is prepared to pay to Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall the commission normally paid by the Approved Contractors four months before the date of the wedding.

Visits to venues should be arranged by telephoning Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall on +94 (77) 979 9708- not directly with the venue.

All information on this website is, to the best of our knowledge, up to date and accurate. However, Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall accepts no responsibility for errors, omissions or inaccuracies. Since facilities and prices can from time to time change, it is essential to check that they are suitable for your requirements.

Your details will be held on our database for the purpose of administration and will not be passed to any third party other than the venues selected and approved caterers and marquee contractors associated with them unless we are legally entitled or obliged to do so (for example, if required to do so by a court order or for the prevention of fraud or other crime). Apart from as part of a sale of the assets of Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall Ltd, we will not sell your personal information to a third party.

We will, from time to time, email you with information about special offers and promotions. Please activate the 'Remove' facility in these emails if you do not wish to receive others.

Archanaa Wedding & Reception Hall is a company registered in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
(Company Registration No: PV7658)

Address: #69. Kotahena Street, Colombo-13
Email: info@archanaaweddinghall.com
Hotline: +94 (77) 979 9708
Tele: +94 (11) 242 1396


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